‘ I think the content, while easy to understand and well delivered was only part of the reason for its success. It was actually how you delivered it and the non patronising and safe environment you provided to explore these themes that made it such a success. The way you delivered the themes and then asked for our perceptions and opinions really made this relevant, especially the way when you saw us not being entirely up front or confused you challenged us to think more around the issues. You have inspired me to challenge myself, the way I think and act. ‘

Paul Smith Support for Living attended Assetive Conflict & People Management

‘People at work say I’ve changed, but I don’t think I’ve changed, I think I am just better at being me.’

Liz Sandford Tetley

‘I hired Moyra as my coach because she seemed to see something in me that I couldn’t see in myself. And that is Moyra’s gift, she has an uncanny ability to really see people. When she is coaching you she is coaching the real you, the one she sees and not the one who’s playing small. Somewhere in the process you start to see what she sees!

I feel so much more confident, competent and capable since being coached by Moyra, even putting myself forward for some stand-up comedy at a business conference which went down a storm. Something I would never have done before and something I did because there was absolutely nothing stopping me from doing it – no critical inner voices, no nagging self-doubt, nothing! Moyra helps you to strip away all that stops you from having the confidence to be whoever you want and to do whatever you want in life and I honestly feel unstoppable.

I highly recommend coaching with Moyra, it is one of the best investments you could make in yourself if achieving your goals and dreams is important to you.’

Lola Fayemi Aligned and Thriving

“I feel so privileged and lucky to have undergone life coaching with Moyra. I sought out the support of a life-coach after feeling at a crossroads in my life trying to balance part-time work and motherhood. Her professional, warm and approachable manner allowed me the confidence to embark on a true journey of self-discovery. I felt that the techniques used during our sessions both challenged and empowered me to think about my inner most wishes, feelings and desires for the future. Moyra was able to guide and lead me to address the issues and barriers at this time in my life and now after these inspirational sessions, I feel energised, focussed and channelled to make the right decisions and choices. It is clear that Moyra is determined to make a difference to others lives and life coaching with her has definitely changed my life for the better. I could not recommend Moyra’s services more highly and think that everyone should have a MOYRA in their life.”

Ruth Johnson

“Marie Curie Cancer Care is developing a new volunteer role to provide emotional and practical support for terminally ill people and their families at home. Marie Curie Helpers will be carefully selected and trained to help them perform their role providing a listening ear, offering short periods of respite, and signposting people to information and services that can help them.  Moyra Weston helped us in a very significant way by designing the core training programme for new Helper volunteers.  Marie Curie had gathered quite a lot of material and had some ideas about what we wanted the training to cover, but we really needed the volunteer training experience and expertise that Moyra brought to help us turn the raw material into a great looking course.   Moyra really understands volunteers and combines this with strong expertise in designing training packages. She was very professional, positive and helpful in enabling us to achieve our objectives, and brought some excellent training techniques to the course. Moyra further helped us by delivering the first volunteer training course in a highly professional and accomplished fashion – we now have a great template to follow for delivering future courses.  Working with Moyra was a pleasure and a sound investment.  Our Helper volunteers rated the course Moyra designed very highly – Moyra has enabled us to have a strong, professional foundation to our Helper volunteer training.”

Ruth Bravery Assistant Director Strategy Marie Curie Cancer Care

“Like many professionals, solicitors find themselves managing quite complex organisations without any formal management training.  We were extremely impressed by Moyra’s work with our office manager, Diane.  Moyra grasped the complexities of our organisation and was able to offer advice to us and Diane to facilitate a more effective internal relationship.  We are continuing to enjoy the benefits.  Moyra’s professionalism was reassuring.  She has a developed understanding of the importance of confidentiality and inspired us with confidence.  We would have no hesitation to avail of Moyra’s skills in the future.”

Fiona Murphy – HR partner Bhatt Murphy

‘I first engaged Moyra in 2008 on an assignment to help us deal with interpersonal conflict within a small but business critical team. Moyra employed her human resources management expertise to great effect efficiently with the team involved to rectify the situation. She worked with both individuals and the team to help them see their contributions to the conflict and find a better way of working together.  Following this, I then engaged Moyra again in 2009 for a very enjoyable and enlightening organisation-wide team building day based on discussion and table-top exercises. In my opinion, getting a team to this degree of self recognition about themselves and each other using another method would probably have taken much longer, or may not have happened at all.

I can highly recommend Moyra Weston as an effective, adaptive and value-for-money human resources consultant’

Dr Brian Clark CEO onCore UK

Moyra has carried out volunteer management training courses for the British Heart Foundation’s (BHF) field based volunteer managers. Her key strengths are being able to quickly engage her audience and generate ideas. She draws on her wide practical experience as a volunteer manager, as well as reflecting theory/best practice.

In 2008, Moyra worked as a consultant with the BHF and the findings from her work played a significant role in helping shape the charity’s first organisation wide annual volunteer recruitment campaign, which launched in June 2009.

Keith Lewis Community Fundraising Manager British Heart Foundation

‘Moyra facilitated a comprehensive and confidential programme of coaching to our newly restructured senior management team to improve their orientation and delivery, as well as identify their limitations and future development needs.  The results were incredible, the whole team commented on the validity of the approach and were very impressed with their own insights on how they could improve themselves!’

Mark Crutchley Chief Executive South Gloucestershire Leisure

‘Working with Moyra was the best investment that I made in a long while. I found Moyra to be a challenging, motivating, and knowledgeable companion on this journey. She was able to guide me through blockages by using techniques and skills that enabled me to find ways around and over these blockages. The difference for me is that I felt empowered to make choices during a period of instability in my professional life and to view my life realistically to truly gain my objective of a work/life balance.’

Kathy Cooper, Programme Manager Transport for London

‘I found that Moyra’s structured approach was extremely valuable to bringing about the intended behavioural changes. She established key objectives early in the process and led the team towards their achievement. She carried out the process of consultation comprehensively and swiftly with measurable goals. I was satisfied with the outcome and the dramatic changes in the team environment.’

Mahendra Navarange Head of IT

‘Moyra’s skills at getting people to participate, and to keep to the task were very evident when she helped us formulate our Strategic Development Plan. She helped us produce an excellent job. Thank you.’

Lee Maraj, Chair Cross Street Law Centre