Leadership and Executive coaching

  • Are you a high performer, yet feel there is more that you could achieve?
  • Have you been promoted and want to test out ideas on developing the role?
  • Are you held back by your confidence levels?
  • Coaching could be the support you need – see Testimonials
    “Moyra quite brilliantly helped me find solutions to many of the problems that had been hampering my efficiency.  Rather than prescribing “one size fits all” answers to issues such as dealing with competing priorities, time management and delegation skills, Moyra helped me work through problems logically, allowing me to find solutions that worked for me.  I was slightly sceptical about working with a consultant initially, believing that it was not really possible to change working habits that had been ingrained over many years; however, my experience of working with Moyra was entirely positive.”   Diane Fisher Bhatt Murphy