Confident Communications Part 3 – Listening Skills

Active listening can make the biggest difference in our communication skills. That we listen – and listen well, can make us incredibly effective communicators. What do you feel like when someone really gives you their attention and listens to what you say? What is it like when they can show that they have truly heard […]

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Confident Communications Part 2 – Body Language

When we communicate with others, body language can both support our message and give us important information about the other person / people. It is useful to increase our awareness of our body language to ensure it supports the message we wish to relay. 1. Be calm and grounded – be aware of how physically […]

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Confident Communications part 1

 I am sharing some techniques which can aid your communications. I’ll also be sharing thoughts on what can make you more confident in applying these techniques – what will make YOU a more confident communicator. The basis for good communications lies in both listening and relaying a message. We will focus on verbal communications in […]

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Confident communications – new series

We all communicate. Some of us are really effective and confident in the way we communicate with others. Most of us will continally review how we communicate.  How many times have you been in a situation where, even with the best intentions, you can’t get your message across in the way you want? Do you want to […]

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New Year – new resolutions?

Have you taken the time to make some new resolutions for 2010? Whatever time of year you decide to set some new goals, there will be key factors that will make the difference between you achieving your goals, or adding them back on your list the following year. Set yourself goals which really excite you! […]

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Coaching for energy

I find  when I am coaching (and being coached) – that when we get to a point where we are stuck and find it difficult to move forward or make a decision, it can sometimes feel like we are wading in mud. Deep, thick, sludgy mud. It clamps around our legs and feet and makes […]

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Continuing Professional Development

Having been involved in training and development for over 15 years I looked for a way to further develop my skills and investigated the area of coaching, which was new to me. My first coaching training was over 5 years ago – having tried out a few different offers and then settling for one that […]

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Volunteering – being authentic and feeling valued

As someone who actively encourages others to volunteer, my own experiences provides me with reminders of what supports or blocks people’s ability to volunteer or give back in some way. It also allows me to be authentic when encouraging and promoting volunteering and in my training of volunteer managers. During Volunteer’s Week I received a […]

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Coaching – sample sessions

Have you ever tried coaching? I first used a coach when dealing with management challenges and wanted to improve my performance. It was a fantastic experience for me – thank you Rita! I experienced, first hand, the fundamental difference a coaching approach can have in management development. Coaching can deal with an incredibly wide range of subjects and […]

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