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Building confidence is my main goal as a coach and trainer. Leaders, teams, managers and individuals  flourish when they are confident in themselves and can support the development of others.

Committed to life long learning I have enjoyed my own continual development which informs the work I do.  Coactive Coaching and Leadership development  – both with The Coaches Training Institute – CTI and developing my relationship coaching  with CRR Global ORSC series.  I am a member of ICF, with 300+ hours of ICF recognised training in coaching and leadership. My own Leadership and Senior Management experience has also been a great education!

As a Coactive coach I use a range of coaching tools.  One of the key assumptions I work with is that my clients are creative, resourceful and whole, capable of dealing with their issues and are not in need of ‘fixing’. The coaching sessions follow the agenda and goals set by my clients. My approach is to coach the whole person – all aspects of our lives and who we are impact on our work performance. I have experience coaching leaders and managers in a range of sectors and have wide experience within the not for profit sector. See below for the list of clients I have worked with.

Common themes that people seek coaching for include: Leadership and Management; leading change; strategic planning; team building and development; communication skills and strategies; conflict management; assertiveness; personal development; work/life balance; working parents; business development; volunteering and many more. Many of these issues are impacted by the level of confidence people feel and we address this and build confidence in our sessions.

Private coaching clients come from organisations and professions such as: Goldman Sachs; BBC; Universal Studios; Starbucks; and Consultancies for NHS; Education Authorities and Charities, as well as independent businesses; architects; teachers; investment bankers; IT specialists.


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