Confident Communications Part 2 – Body Language

When we communicate with others, body language can both support our message and give us important information about the other person / people. It is useful to increase our awareness of our body language to ensure it supports the message we wish to relay. 1. Be calm and grounded – be aware of how physically […]

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Confident Communications part 1

 I am sharing some techniques which can aid your communications. I’ll also be sharing thoughts on what can make you more confident in applying these techniques – what will make YOU a more confident communicator. The basis for good communications lies in both listening and relaying a message. We will focus on verbal communications in […]

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Confident communications – new series

We all communicate. Some of us are really effective and confident in the way we communicate with others. Most of us will continally review how we communicate.  How many times have you been in a situation where, even with the best intentions, you can’t get your message across in the way you want? Do you want to […]

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